Ceilink Insulated Ceilings & Soffit Linings

Ceilink is an Australian made rigid insulated panel with a pre-finished white steel ceiling face, insulated core and reflective foil backing. Ceilink achieves a Group 1 fire rating and has great long term thermal properties with both EPS and PIR core options available to help achieve compliance with BCA Section J requirements. Ideal for new and retrofit projects, Ceilink is very lightweight and easy to install with few visible fixings, making installations fast and simple.

For use in a multitude of new and retrofit applications:

Suspended Ceilings:

  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Food preparation areas
  • Areas requiring a washable ceiling surface
  • Weighs up to 65% lighter than suspended plasterboard systems
  • Minimal support system components
  • Compatible with flush and surface mounted lighting systems.

Concrete Soffit Linings:

  • Underslab insulation to control temperature fluctuations
  • Car park roof lining
  • Multi-story office buildings
  • Hides unsightly ducts and services
  • Eliminates multiple products to achieve an attractive finished surface
  • Can be used for the cladding of exposed walls.