About Ceilink


Ceilink is a rigid insulated ceiling panel specifically designed to fit under existing or new single skin roofing or line an existing wall. With a smooth or stucco embossed prefinished white steel ceiling face, a polystyrene insulation core with a top layer of reflective foil sarking, Ceilink instantly insulates any verandah, awning, patio, sunroom, factory, shed, office, garage, or wine cellar.

Enclosed rooms  – Reduce heating and cooling costs with Ceilink in enclosed rooms as well as dramatically reducing the condensation and mould that’s associated with single skin roofs in enclosed rooms.

Easy DIY installation – Ceilink is extremely lightweight making DIY installation a breeze!

Ceilink panels are available in made-to-order lengths from 1800mm to 6000mm

Price Guidelines


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Radiant Heat

Most outdoor entertaining or living areas are prone to the harsh Australian environment, often causing unbearable heat conditions during the summer months. Ceilink enables you to enjoy your outdoor environment by significantly reducing under roof radiant heat transfer by over 90% and creating a modern fresh new look to your verandah, pergola, sunroom or even your shed.

In simple terms, radiant heat is the increase in temperature caused by your verandah roof. Eg. On a 32°C summers day, the temperature radiating from your roof can be almost double, in our test roof 58.5°C. After Ceilink was installed, we managed to reduce that extra 26.5 degrees by 26.2 degrees, leaving you sitting pretty under 32.3°C – that’s over 90% reduction in radiant heat transfer.


What You Need

There’s no need to replace your roof or install bulky insulation, plasterboard ceilings and all the associated mess, sanding and painting. Ceilink is the smarter, more affordable way to make your tired back verandah into a modern living space.

Below is a typical example of the materials required for a 6m x 3m verandah along with a sample cost:

  • Ceilink panels – 7 x 3.0m = $1197
  • Perimeter angle – 5 x 4.0m = $135
  • Screws – included free
  • Total: $1332*

*Excluding delivery.

Tools needed:
Circular saw or angle grinder – to cut down the angles and panels for an exact fit. Electric drill and screwdriver – to fix angles and secure Ceilink panels. Ladder – unless you are very tall!. Tape measure and level – to make things plum and true. Goggles and gloves – for eye and hand protection.


tabspic3Ceilink – the perfect insulated ceiling choice for your project:

  • Clean white steel pre-finished ceiling face
  • RT3.2* – high insulation value provides excellent thermal performance
  • Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould and condensation
  • Unsupported span of up to 4m (max supported span 6m)
  • Self mating interlocking joints
  • Very light – fast and easy to install
  • Wall support angles and accessories available
  • LED downlights available.

*R-value achieved in summer time assuming a 100mm air gap between Ceilink panels and roof


tabspic4Quality finishes can greatly increase the value of your home.
Ceilink not only offers you an economical and easy DIY solution for your home but increases your homes comfort level as well. The RT3.2* pre-insulated panel actively reduces heat and creates a far more pleasurable environment.

Ceilink will allow you to entertain your family and friends in style all year round by creating a much more pleasant outdoor living experience. The modern pre-finished Ceilink panels create a clean aesthetically beautiful finish that will be the envy of any visitor.
* R value achieved in summer time assuming a 100mm air gap between Ceilink panels and roof.